Quality and Environment Policy

The Administration undertakes to satisfy the requirements of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, which include customer requirements, compliance with applicable compliance obligations, imposed by the policies, objectives and goals defined within the scope of this system. The Commitment also covers the commitment to increasing both continuous improvement and the improvement of its environmental performance.

This policy is based on solid values, with special focus on:

• Customer satisfaction, in strict compliance with commitments assumed;

• Optimization of processes, always seeking to guarantee efficient and sustainable solutions, including the prevention of pollution and control of environmental impacts;

• Ensure that aspects related to Quality and Environment are thought out systematically, put into practice at all stages of service delivery, contributing to the company's economic, financial and environmental sustainability;

• Partnership relationship with suppliers;

• Valuing Human Resources to improve management performance and thus contribute to the company's success;

• Provide a framework for Quality and Environmental objectives, namely:

- Obtain the Customer's participation in defining the service that best meets their needs and make available means and methods that ensure the satisfaction of agreed requirements;

- Continuously improve competitiveness, through the selection and evaluation of our suppliers and business partners, valuing people and technological innovation in the means used;

- Raise awareness, train and provide training to the company's employees, in order to provide skills and enable them to carry out activities efficiently, guaranteeing the principles established in the integrated Quality and Environment management system;

- Perform services in accordance with applicable technical and legal requirements, as well as contractual requirements established on a case-by-case basis;